Wafer Wharf

Previews :

6/28/2012-Candy Order Levels Are Confirmed

7/04/2012-How To Play Candy Order Levels

7/11/2012-Wafer Wharf Releases Tommorow!

7/12/2012-Wafer Wharf Was Released!

Gingerbread Glade

7/18/2012-New Story!

7/26/2012-Three Layered Icing

7/31/2012-Out Now Next Thursday!

8/02/2012-Wafer Wharf Is Released 

Pastille Pyramid

8/06/2012-New Story!

8/09/2012-Chocolate Spawners!

8/14/2012-How Chocolate Spawners Work

8/15/2012-Pastille Pyramid Confirmed

8/16/2012-Pastille Pyramid Is Released 

Cupcake Circus

8/22/2012-Meet The Circus Clown

8/23/2012-Four Layered Icing!

8/28/2012-August 30th!

8/30/2012-Cupcake Circus Is Out!

Caramel Cove

9/06/2012-New Episode!


9/12/2012-The Story!

9/13/2012-The Name Is Revealed!

9/17/2012-Caramel Cove Is Released

Sweet Surprise 

9/27/2012-Surprise Party!

10/03/2012-BubbleGum Troll Ruins The Party!

10/04/2012-Confirmed:Sweet Surprise Releases In October 11!

10/10/2012-Level 200 Celebration!

10/11/2012-Out Now Sweet Surprise!

Crunchy Castle

10/17/2012-Halloween Special!

10/18/2012-New Candy Cannons!

10/22/2012-Crunchy Castle Is Confirmed!

10/24/2012-Out Now Tommorow!

10/25/2012-Crunchy Castle Is Released!

Chocolate Barn

11/01/2012-Coming Soon:Chocolate Barn!

11/02/2012-New:Chocolate Egg!

11/05/2012-The Story!

11/07/2012-Coming Out Tommorow!

11/08/2012-Chocolate Barn Is Out!

Delicious Drifts

11/15/2012-The Next Episode Is:Delicious Drifts!

11/19/2012-Level Showcase!

11/21/2012-Delicious Drifts Is Out On November 23rd!

11/23/2012-Delicious Drifts Is Out!

Holiday Hut

11/28/2012-Coming Soon:Holiday Hut!

11/29/2012-Candy Bombs!

12/03/2012-Holiday Hut Is Releasing This Wednesday!

12/05/2012-Holiday Hut Is Out!

Candy Clouds

12/12/2012-Coming Soon:Candy Clouds!

12/13/2012-Five Layered Icing!

12/17/2012-Meet Giant Guy!

12/19/2012-Out Now Tommorow!

12/20/2012-Candy Clouds Is Playable!

Jelly Jungle

12/27/2012-Coming Soon: Jelly Jungle

1/02/2013-Poor Dino!

1/03/2013-Level 300!

1/04/2013-Available This January 8th!

1/08/2013-Jelly Jungle Is Out Now!

Savory Shores

1/17/2013-Coming Soon:Savory Shores!

1/23/2013-Meet Kimmy!

1/24/2013-Chameleon Candies!

1/28/2013-How Chameleon Candies Work

1/31/2013-Savory Shores Is Released  Tommorow!

2/01/2013-Savory Shores Is Released!

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