It's already been almost a week since I reached my biggest milestone in the three and a half years I've been using this wiki, and yet I still haven't really celebrated. So, I'm now going to rectify that issue.

I can't believe my fifth millennium of edits took just a week to finish. I don't think I will ever make 1,000 edits that quickly ever again, unless encouraged to do so like Mullig did by racing me to reach this milestone. As of recently, I have been more active than ever, deciding undetermined level and episode difficulties, writing strategies for levels and adding templates where they weren't present, removing unnecessary Trivia sections, and much more. My milestone 5,000th edit was an application for adminship which everyone supported, and so I have been promoted, which I am very thankful for and a position I am very proud to hold. I'm also proud to be one of the oldest remaining still-active users on this wiki, with most of the users from the 2012-2014 era either mostly or completely inactive, while 2017 has in fact been my busiest year ever so far through the first five months. With that in mind, I plan to stay active as much as I can with my final day of school being this Friday, June 2nd and maintaining my part-time job this summer, however, I cannot guarantee that I can stay so active, especially as much as I was in the week I made my fifth millennium of edits in, though I should still be able to contribute on a regular basis to this wiki. I'll do whatever I can to keep this promise.

Thanks again to all of those of you who encourage me to keep being a reliable contributor and push my limits further and further. It's been a lot of fun being here and I've really enjoyed contributing to this wiki, and here's to more memories being made with all my fellow editors and admins in the future, in addition to another 5,000 edits! :D 

Courtemanche437 17:18, May 31, 2017 (UTC)

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