Welcome back to another level contest of mine! This time, the theme will be different elements that relate to licorice. So, let's get started with the rules: 


1. Your level must contain at least five of the following: Licorice swirls, licorice locks, Licorice links (from Candy Crush Soda Saga). You can have any combination of one, two, or even all three elements, but each element must be present at least five times on the board.

2. You can have anywhere from three to eight colors in your level. 

3. You can make your level any type you want, even types from Candy Crush Soda Saga.

4. If your level is a Candy Order level, at least one order must be any of the three types of elements! 

5. No limitations on space, just make it fall into the other rules. 

With those out of the way, it's time to announce the timeframe.


The contest is over! Thanks to those of you who participated for submitting your levels!


User/Rank Comments


There is a wide variety of blockers and elements present in this level and its design, in general, is just really good! I don't know what else to say, it's a great entry that will make a perfect fit for my fanon! Congratulations! 
2. Flockky While this level doesn't exactly feature a large variety of blockers either, it at least has all three of the elements this contest was themed around. And the striped candy order provides a little more flavor than just a licorice collect-a-thon. Again, though, this level was close to being 3rd.  The middle of this leaderboard was the hardest part for me to decide.

3. HM100

I have to give this level some credit for at least adding some more blockers, but at the same time, just adding some locks onto the licorice swirls doesn't make for that much more of a variety. This was very close to being 2nd, however.  
4. Mossy Mos Aaaaaand this is another entry that I thought was really good at first, but then came to realize wasn't as unique as some of the other levels. I mean, there's really not too much going on here. Licorice swirls are produced in masses and you have to collect a bunch of them. While licorice was indeed the theme for this contest, I would've at least hoped for some more variety than just those blockers. 
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