Dunlorev44 Dunlorev44 16 October 2014

Candy Crush Soda Saga is coming soon

This new game will be released in 4 days on Facebook.Are you looking forward to play it?

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Dunlorev44 Dunlorev44 3 July 2014


Yesterday, Papa Pear developers have released the latest episode called Pearlicious.

As you can see, it is clearly inspired by Candy Crush( Color Bomb and Striped Candy).

Maybe, it is a way to drag some Candy Crush players into Papa Pear.

As I am one of those, I enjoy playing often ( 10 minutes for each life) and there are many items(far more than

in Candy Crush), tricky and challenging  boards.

So all of you folks , if you are interested in, just try this game, you will not regret it. 

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Dunlorev44 Dunlorev44 20 April 2014

Which prom are yours?

When you first finished Candy Crush Saga , which episode did you reach?

I do belong to the Ice Cream Caves' prom.

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Dunlorev44 Dunlorev44 23 January 2014

New episode in Dreamworld:Twilight Egg

Unbelievable.Incredible.I am speechless.

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Dunlorev44 Dunlorev44 10 January 2014

So raging close on 437

I should have finished this level if I had not missed the whole point at 05:13.So frustrating but so encouraging.

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