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  • Emmaelise401

    Hello everyone! This is Emmaelise401 with the first ever Wii Fit Recap. We have 5 episodes to go over. So, there will be spoilers. If you missed an episode, MAKE SURE you read it before reading the recaps and asking your questions.

    Episode 1 - A power awoken, A new character

    • - Diamond revealed her power to be Umbrakenesis
    • - 1 New Character is introduced: Rodin
    • - Rodin joins the Wii Fit Cast
    • - Elizabeta gets a new set of weapons

    Episode 2 - Familiarizing

    • - Rodins power is revealed
    • - A minor vilian, Insidious is revealed
    • - Insidious is killed by Wii Fit Trainer
    • - The Rings Ark is introduced

    Episode 3 - House of the Rising Sun

    • - Nintendo Characters know eachother revealed.
    • - 8 New Characters …
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  • Emmaelise401

    The new episode of Wii Fit Cast, 100 ways to hate is coming out very soon! This episode will be extremely important to the series as it reflects Sun's thoughts on Elizabeta's death, and the clans worry on Dimitri's betrayl. Plus, we get to find out even more about Zygarde in this episode! Here is a little teaser to get you all pumped up!

    Wii Fit Trainer - Sun, don't worry. Everything is ok. 

    Sun - No! Its not! This isn't fair! I stick around for a few days and then people die!

    Rodin - Sun, you are all good. There is nothing to worry about. 

    ??????? - *ROAR*

    Piper - (In Meowing) Oh no. 

    Moreover, every 5 episodes of the Wii Fit Cast, I will host a blog where you can ask all of your questions on the last 5 episodes. There will also be recaps of th…

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  • Emmaelise401

    A new wii fit cast is out! Bad Company! This episode is a big turning point for Sun's fate with the rest of the cast, Elizabeta, and Dimitri. This episode is a huge turning point! So don't miss it!

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  • Emmaelise401

    Y'all know where to find it, so read it up. Hours of work was put into this one.

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  • Emmaelise401

    Wii Fit Cast

    November 4, 2016 by Emmaelise401

    Hello everyone! I have decided that in the coming week, I will wipe out the WHOLE SEASON of Wii Fit Cast as an apology for being so inactive. Please, visit the story book and join in on the fun!

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