Welcome to my 12th design contest, <insert name here> ! Everyone is free to participate and submit entries to my contest, except anon users. But before you participate, you must read the rule first, so that your entry will be qualified.


1) It must be a jelly level.
2) Your entry will only allow 3-6 candy colours.
3) There must be coconut wheel in your entry. No jelly fish, lucky candy and UFO.
4) There must be a chocolate in the level. (Optionally, you can have chocolate spawner)
5) Majority of single or double jellies must be underneath the chocolate.
6) Your entry must have between 32 - 81 spaces.
7) NO fan elements. Current CCS blockers are allowed.
8) It's up to you how you will measure the star scores.
9) The moves of your entry must be less than 75 and more than 25.
10) No impossible entry.

I will give you 8 days to create your entry. Just like my first ten LDCs, you can create your entry only once. You can correct errors of your entry but do not change it completely.

Be creative. Enjoy, have fun, and good luck!

Deadline: May 27, 2016

I will be giving templates to the 3rd, 2nd, and 1st placers!

Orange Leaderboard

Rank Contestant Comment
1 User:DoCheonGong This entry looks unique! This is like, the level is in a "Coco Choco Jelly" cave! Job well done. :)
2 User:Edwin91476 This one is challenging, clearing the jellies on locked chocolate and isolated jellies. Coco wheels are beneficial for this one! Great idea. :)
3 User:LucasH181 This entry looked good, though I think you have put jelly underneath more on other blockers than chocolate. However, it's still interesting, though. :)


CWGFlock This user has won 1st place on Flockky's "Coco Choco Jelly" level design contest..
CWSFlock This user has won 2nd place on Flockky's "Coco Choco Jelly" level design contest..
CWBFlock This user has won 3rd place on Flockky's "Coco Choco Jelly" level design contest..
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