Flockky's LDCs are back, really?

Welcome to my 16th level design contest, <insert name here> ! Everyone is free to participate and submit entries to my contest, except anon users. But before you participate, you must read the rules first, so that your entry will be accepted and qualified.


1) As a celebration for the introduction of mystery, lucky and extra time candy cannons, I held a special LDC for this event.
2) So make sure your entry will contain at least one of any of the candy cannons (licorice, candy bomb, key, mystery candy or combined blocker/element)
3) Your entry may also include candy cannons exclusively available to specific level types. (ingredient cannons for ingredients or mixed, lucky candy cannons for candy order, extra time candy cannons for timed)
4) Unfortunately, jelly and moves level type is strictly NOT allowed.
5) It's up to you how many moves and how you adjust the star score ranges. Just make sure the entry looks doable and "possible to finish" when tried.
6) Any blockers, elements, and features that are available ONLY in CCS such as fixed candy colour layout is allowed, and using of Soda Saga blockers and elements are NOT allowed.
7) New Rule: Your entry must be created by yourself as the creator, and no copycatting of entries, and if the entry you created is existed from a different LDC, then don't use that entry again for the sake of this LDC. Also, don't use a CCS level as your entry. Try making your own and be creative and unique.

I will give you a week to create your entry. Just like my first fifteen LDCs, you can create your entry only once. But this time, you can correct some errors of your entry, and you may also buff or nerf your entry now, but only once. Enjoy creating, and good luck LDC joiners!

Deadline: October 30, 2016 (PST, -8:00 UTC)

I will be giving templates to the 3rd, 2nd, and 1st placers! And either the first placer or with the rest of the placers' entry(ies) will be part of the levels in my Candy Flock Saga (Flockky's currently redesigned fanon-based CCS sequel)



Rank Contestant Comment
1 User:Edwin91476 Interesting candy order entry. It may be challenging and hard, however, it's kinda worth it. The cake bombs will serve you as a guidance for clearing and collect blockers for the assigned order. This entry really expresses how some cannons are beneficial and some are harmful to your play.
2 User:Mossy Mos Simple and looks like a timed level in CCS to me. However, it's a twist that the ingredients have to cross to the blocked path and the spacious part with rainin' mystery eggs would be helpful. At the same time, it's threatening because of the bombs that will spawn nearby the ingredients' exit. Mixture of sweet + spice.
3 User:DoCheonGong A challenging candy order level which isolates your wholehearted life. Nice concept, and cannons are really usable in this entry.
4 User:S256 Simple spacious board, and it's really interesting to add a magic mixer in the middle. This might annoy the ingredients' passage through its designated exits, or even the mystery candies spawning might disturb it.
5 User:Marisa1980 Overflowing particular special candies from cannons? Quite interesting and making the orders doable.
6 User:Not real name Candy order entry with helpful lucky candy cannons to accomplish this entry. Challenging with magic mixers present. Three-coloured entry but it's really challenging! Good work.
7 User:Courtemanche437 Confined at the upper board. Challenging to unlock the first chests because of this. However, it's a good idea. Luck-based.
8 User:HM100 4-coloured entry full of hardness. 90 non-spawnable candies is the order? This is hardness craze! Overall, this is great, but considerably notorious entry even with 4 colours.
9 User:Lucas8111999 Challenging to open the lucky candy cannon for the orders, but 4 colours would help this task doable. Nice entry.

It was a hard decision, but it was meant to happen this ranking. Congratulations to winners, and thank you very much for joining my LDC, participants.


Cannon LDC Gold This user has won 1st place on Flockky's Cannons level design contest..
Cannon LDC Silver This user has won 2nd place on Flockky's Cannons level design contest..
Cannon LDC Bronze This user has won 3rd place on Flockky's Cannons level design contest..
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