ENDED CONTEST!! Hi, in this contest you must make a level which celebres a milestone. (Level 500)


  1. You must make a level which reffer to number "500" in something.
  2. Star scores need to be divisible by 500.
  3. Mixed level types are not allowed.
  4. At least 7 types of blockers need to be present (White chocolate and dark purple candy from CCSS can be present).
  5. No popcorn, magic mixers, UFO and candy frogs.
  6. Should be between 50 - 100 moves!
  7. Only 5 colored levels are allowed.
  8. No quadrant boards, and make a board which all special candies are possible to create.
  9. Mystery candy need to apear, at least in dispensers.


  • This contest will over in November 22, 2016. 


  1. Mossy Mos
  2. Flockky II
  3. Marisa '80


  • The level which make me more satisfated will be Level 550 in my fanon!
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