Candy Crush Saga now holds a whooping 1,730 levels in Reality! We are now 270 levels away from another major milestone - Level 2000! Before that level gets released, I wish to see your speculation of Level 2000, and the top three contestants will get templates for their user profile!


  • It can be any level type.
  • Try to make the level have to do something with 2,000 (example 2,000 points, 200 moves?!)
  • No impossible level types.
  • No restrictions to the board, blockers, and candy colours.
  • Good luck!


This fight is a close one.

Position User Remarks
Flockky Very complicated, and yet interesting design! I like how there are many variations relating to 2000. 
Edwin Almost tied with 1st one! With many variations relating to 2000, and the multi-layered icings positioned in the way that it looks like 2K, it's pretty good! And 2-move bombs are deadly :P
DCG Cool design! But not much variations relating to 2000 though. But still, it is a good entry!
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