Currently, I just joined on May 14, 2020. I’m a little more active than before, but I'll try to be more active. Currently, my average number of edits a day is 20-40, and sometimes 60 or more.


I currently play Candy Crush on four devices, but only one is on my user page. The highest level I can reach is 692, on the mobile device. The Windows 10 device is on 486, the other Windows 10 device is on 276, and the other Windows 10 device (however, it's on the laptop) is on 111. The mobile device allows rewards by watching ads and also an option to disable Episode Race, while the other devices don't. This means I can play on the mobile device without having to rush to the next episode, simply to win gold bars. But on the other devices, I can't trigger it too early, otherwise, I would risk losing the race or fall in a lower position where I can earn gold bars.

What I'm doing in the wiki

I will look at random pages and edit them when I find something wrong. This is usually done to correct errors or add and correct the info.

Though I might stop contributing for a while, I've got stuff to do in other wikis. I'll come back in hours.


The first two comments are not about saying hello to me. When everything just goes so bad, I give up and retire here. Though not now, unless someone blocks me temporarily, then I retire.

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