So, it's been years since I used to edit, play Candy Crush, and active in this wiki. Is Jelly Colour level type scrapped? I remember back in 2017 when this level type is leaked. But they only used this level type in an event where they test this level type. Now it's 2020, this level type is still not officially released and I'm curious why they scrapped it. It's because it's similar to Candy Crush Jelly? I dont know... Any thoughts? Update (6/22/20): After some digging leaked stuff years ago, there are supposedly 9 level types in Candy Crush. The 2 level types which is Jelly Colour and Frogger levels is not officially released but accessible through codes and the other 7 level types (Moves, Jelly, Ingredients, Timed, Order, Mixed Mode, Rainbow Rapids) are in the game. Very interesting..🤔😊

Screenshot 20200621-162558 Chrome
Screenshot 20200621-162601 Chrome
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