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World 41
World number Unknown
Episodes Candy Town to Easter Bunny Hills
Easiest episode(s) Unknown
Hardest episode(s) Unknown
Levels 1 to 80
Previous Current Next
World 1 World 41 World 3

World 41 is the 1st world in Candy Crush Saga. It contains episodes 1-6 and has 80 levels. It starts at level 1 and ends at level 80. It is preceeded by World 1 and is succeeded by World 1. World 41 will be the forty-firstth world in Candy Crush Saga. It will contain episodes 151-153 and currently has 0 levels. It will start at level 2241 and will end at level 2285. It is preceeded by World Forty and is succeeded by World Forty-Two.

Jelly new Ingredient drop new Objective new Mixed new
7 3 2 3
The easiest :
The hardest :


Episode number Episode name Levels Level types Release date Episode logo
151 Tasty Tops 2241-2255 7Jelly new
3Ingredient drop new
2Objective new
3Mixed new
Reality 151 Background
152 2256-2270
W152 bg
153 2271-2285
W153 bg
Candy Crush Saga Reality worlds
Windows 10 only: 105
Unreleased: 106107108
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