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World 42
World number 42
Episodes Choco Chess to Bubbly Bath
Easiest episode(s) Toasty Terrain
Hardest episode(s) Popping Peninsula
Levels 3066 to 3140
Previous Current Next
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World 42 is the 42nd world in Candy Crush Saga on HTML5 version. It contains episodes 206-210 and has 75 levels. It starts at level 3066 and ends at level 3140. It is preceded by World 41 and is succeeded by World 43.

Target score new.png Jelly new.png Ingredient drop new.png Objective new.png Mixed new.png
2 25 13 19 16
The easiest :
Level 3093
The hardest :
Level 3115



  • This world starts an ongoing trend on Facebook and mobile where the last two episodes of each world are released at the same time on said versions (Episodes 209 and 210, 214 and 215, 219 and 220, 223 and 224, then 226 and 227). This trend is called "Double Content Drop" on Facebook fanpage, an event in which two episodes released at the same time.
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