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Yeti Shop (New)

The Yeti Shop is the store found in Candy Crush Saga. It is run by Mr. Yeti, and that is where the name comes from. You can buy boosters here which are bundled in special offers. Previously charms were available to buy here as well, but since the release of 29th episode Soda Swamp they are no longer purchasable. The feature is back again on 28 November 2013. There is an extra booster that was introduced on 14 February 2014 because it is the day of the birthday of Facebook.

When you cursor on the icon, an inscription will show up: "This is where you buy really awesome boosters!"

Yeti Shop description

Sets you can buy (2 April 2015):


Containing items


Bombalicious Fishes
Bombalicious fishes

6 Colour Bombs and 6 Jelly Fish

Goldbar 53 (-5%)

Lollipop Hammers
Lollipop hammers
6 Free Switches and 6 Lollipop Hammers Goldbar 85 (-11%)


  • This feature now isn't available for mobile devices.


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